Dating - The Giving Too Much Pattern

Getting over that bump in the road in building and redefining relationships, i.e. Dating, oh the confusion when Boy meets Girl!

Another night of self-discovery, who says you can't teach an old girl something new! Wow, as I continue to transition to living my BEST Life, I have heard many times, you can't change, but last night I started to really think this is not so. What is real is you won't change or shall I say embrace the new without wanting more for yourself.

That's the real change, to think you want something new and exciting rather than the same, rather than accepting the norm. Wanting to truly embrace life without regards of the past, present or future, accepting life as it comes…WOW can you imagine the possibilities?

I participated in WGSN-DB Going Solo Network's Chat Night which is held once a month online for free, unbelievable that leaders in the relationship (relationship loss, divorce and dating) arena would give up an evening for free to chat with those who are trying to get over that bump in the road. Relationships, i.e. Dating, oh the confusion when Boy meets Girl!

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