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© 2010 Going Solo Network, Inc.  f/k/a My Friends Connect, Inc.

Going Solo Network, #1 Singles Connection, strives to connect Singles in a positive and fun way!  Together, singles will begin to make new and lasting friendships, learn more about themselves and embrace our new "today" lifestyle of Going SoloBeing Single doesn’t mean you have to be alone and you can live a full fun life bringing your vibration to a higher level of attraction!


Our "Fun" and "Elite Groups" are...


My Friends Connect Relationship Loss/Divorce Support & Social Group

Going Solo Next Step - The Singles Transformation 

Date The Right 1

Going Solo - Everyone Single Mingle (Awesome Men & Women)

Going Solo Travelers

Going Solo Singles in Business/Solo-Entrepreneurs

Going Solo Together/Events with Others


Together we will learn to open our hearts and minds.  We will begin to share and connect with others, while exploring our personal life goals as we begin to make a place in our new life. We will start to move forward in "Going Solo" to actually living our BEST Life!  

Going Solo doesn't mean you have to be alone!  TODAY, together let's begin changing YOUR Join the Singles at Going Solo Network and start to live your new life!

Connect & Start Living YOUR Life
Going Solo Next Step Group - Relationship Loss, Divorce and Transition into Dating Singles Group
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Going Solo Next Step  -   Starting your new Single life can be tough and it truly is all about the transition and the "connection". Often after relationship loss/Divorce we feel lost, to the point we start thinking...where do I begin?


Going Solo Next Step is the place for you as going on this new path of exploring your new life as you begin to connect with other like minded men & women who are on the same transitional path you are. Begin to discover the new you and the world around you.


Join Going Solo Next Step as you transition into this new world of being Single... 

Date The Right 1 - Dating Site
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Date The Right 1The newest, most innovative and technologically advanced Online Interactive Social Dating website! This dating site is designed to help those who have embraced their Single life, but decided to build new relationships. 


Date The Right 1 is for those who find the transition of dating  a challenge.  This we understands and that is why Kit & Cece have gathered a panel of experts which have been carefully chosen for their patience, enthusiasm, passion and desire to help those fulfill their personal life's dream of connecting.  Are you ready to embark on this next journey of your life?  Well then, let's get started!

Now begin to change your life...Get Started...
New Site....Going Solo Travelers
Going Solo Travelers Seek Your Adventure

Going Solo Travelers - Connecting "Singles" who want to travel and not be completely alone.  Going Solo Travelers is about connecting, making friends, exploring creating new FUN memories together.  Laughter and the excitement of seeing and exploring something new lasts a lifetime! 


Come join the FUN!

  • Going Solo Travelers
More.....Going Solo Network's Connecting Groups
  • My Friends Connect Relationship Loss

Group in Going Solo Next

My Friends Connect Relationship Loss/Divorce Support Social Group (Tampa Bay)  This well established group has been connecting and making friends for some time as we fondly refer to our group as the "D" Land.  


We connect with local friends coping with a divorce or separation for discussion, friendship, and support. Both men and women are welcome. This is a great group and a great way to make good friends for both you and your children.


Our main focus is for adult social interaction, support, fun and friendships. This is NOT a dating forum. 

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  • Everyone Mingle

Group in Going Solo Next &

Date The Right

Everyone Mingle - Fun Going Solo "Singles" Group for 40's, 50's, 60's & 70's who want to meet others and enjoy Life. This group is part of the Going Solo Network/My Friends Connect & Date the Right 1 so let's begin to today to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE! 


Let's start mingling...

  • Going Solo in Business & Entrepreneu

Group in Going Solo Next &

Date The Right

Going Solo Entrepreneurs & Singles In Business is currently connected on FaceBook.  Come join the fun as we begin to gather those that are interested in connecting, helping, grow their networking environment and business!  

  • Going Solo (Single) Entrepreneurs
Going Solo Entrepreneurs & Singles In Busness
  • Going Solo Together
Going Solo Together/Events with Others
Singles Having Fun Together
Going Solo Together
  • Events with Others - Tampa Bay
Events with Others - Tampa Bay
Going Solo Together/Events with Others
WGSN-DB Going Solo Network Radio & TV
Live Streaming Internet Radio & TV
#1 Singles Talk Radio/TV Connection
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WGSN-DB Going Solo Network Radio & TV is an exciting Singles Internet Talk Show Network both 24/7 Live Radio Streaming and Internet TV. 


We embrace singles in a fun interactive and informative way.  Going Solo is not about being alone, it’s about being OKAY with where you are, understanding your core and knowing what you want in life.  Going Solo Network is about living and attracting YOUR BEST LIFE! 

WGSN-DB Elite Guests

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Everyone Mingle for all ages!

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